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“We had no home and no idea where to go for help. You all were kind and listened to me until I figured out what to do next.” – Anonymous

“When I met with a volunteer at The HOPE Center all I could do was cry. It felt so good to have someone listen to my story. You have helped me more than you know.” – Anonymous

“With the help of The HOPE Center, I have a very nice roof over my head and I was able to begin taking care of my health. We have all heard it said, ‘It’s not what you say but how you say it.’ I would like to add, how we do things is just as important as what we do. The House of Hope helped restore my dignity. They were respectful in every situation. They didn’t take away my ability to choose. My best interest was always their focus and goal. A great contrast to other places I went for help. When no one else would or could, the House of Hope did!” – Anonymous

“The HOPE Center made a difference in that horrific process for me by the interactions I had with many of the people that work there, the things they did, and how they sincerely cared about what was happening to me. Most importantly, the respect they showed me changed my course! Something as simple as Janice caring enough to ask me to tell her my story and asked me what happened. No one ever asked me. No one cared enough to know that I attended two of the best colleges and universities in this country; no one knew that I have worked in the Wall Street arena for many years; no one knew that I worked in a famous building on Park Avenue for the President of an International Bank, and the Dean of a major medical school in New York; no one knew that I worked tirelessly for various communities and children; no one knew that I worked from the age of 13 until I physically couldn’t despite my continued attempts until now. No one also knew my suffering, abuse, and neglect by family, friends, and churches. One woman’s concern to ask and time to listen made a difference in my situation and life. We have no idea where people have come from or come through. We have no idea what people are running from that homelessness is perceived to be better. No one can truly explain the pain of homelessness. But I thank GOD for The HOPE Center. Their execution of their mission is not like any other organization or outreach.” – Anonymous

“I went to social service for assistance and before they can help, they wanted me to take a one-week orientation at New Jersey Reentry, but I was going to be homeless before the end of the week. I told this to my caseworker at Reentry and they called multiple organizations that said I made my bed and I need to live in it. I was losing until we called The House of Hope. I was nervous going in there, because I never asked for help from anyone. But when I went inside, everything changed. Everyone was so nice and friendly, they did not treat me like just another case or paperwork, they treated me like a family. They offered me some food, clothes, and gift cards to get some things I needed. They also provided me with two more days at my motel to complete my program so I can get assistance from the social service.” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much to all staff and to the generous donors. Appreciate your kindness for helping me out in such trying times.” – Anonymous

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your assistance with my rent this month. It seems like a real miracle. It’s definitely going to help me pay some of my medical bills. Thank you and your staff for me and God Bless.” – Anonymous

“I am writing to you on behalf of a very good friend of mine. We met many years ago in a psychiatric hospital and have continued our friendship ever since. We have no filters in our relationship and he knows he can reach out to me any time of day or night if he needs to. These past couple of months have been very difficult on him and as I was doing my best to help in any way I could, I knew in my mind that this was a matter that was way above my level of expertise and knowledge and I had no idea how to get him enrolled in the different programs out there that he qualified for to get him back up and running on his feet again. I just wanted to send out this sincere letter of gratitude to thank you for all the help you have given him. We stay in contact each day, and since you have come into his life he is mentally in a much better place and is finally becoming the person I got to know and love many years ago. Thank you so much for you guidance these past few weeks. It is people like you in this world that make the lives of the disabled, who can still live on their own independently, a much easier place to live in the real world today. You are wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have provided!” – Anonymous